blond-w-head-in-handsLoss can take many forms — a friend, a relative, a spouse or partner or even a pet. Each can bring great pain and trauma into our lives but none more so than the loss of a beloved spouse. There are many organizations that help grieving individuals but most do it only as a part-time activity, something extra that they offer in addition to their primary focus. Many also deal with all types of loss in a single forum, not able to focus on the specific needs of any one type of loss.

Since our founding in 1978, H.O.P.E.’s only purpose, our only activity, is to bring comfort and help to those torn by the loss of a beloved spouse or partner. This dedication to helping widows and widowers means that one hundred percent of our time and effort is focused on the needs of these grieving people. In so doing, we have become experts in this particular form of grief — the one you are now facing.

Unlike some others, H.O.P.E. provides grief support through in-person group meetings. We believe that this forum provides many positive advantages, not the least of which is being in a group surround by other going through the same ordeal as you. Additionally, all of our group leaders have lost their spouse so they understand your pain. The net result is a warm, comfortable, safe environment in which to learn about the many things you are facing, strategies for easing the pain, and an opportunity to share whatever you wish to share.

People Walking In Sunny WoodsH.O.P.E. is also unique in the amount of support we offer. While many groups last only four, six, or eight weeks, our help lasts a year or more. Our groups meet weekly and our year is divided into four sessions of ten weeks each. The Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter sessions are all different with each session presenting new materials, so one may attend for a full year while those needing more help can often come back for additional sessions. Finally, for those who have gotten through the worst of their grief, we offer a “Bridge” group session which focuses on the challenges of starting your new life without the comfort and support of your loving spouse at your side.

There is a good reason that we have been here as long as we have. We are arguably the largest provider of grief support groups in South and Central New Jersey. It is not just because we are so unique, it is also because we are so effective. Please let us help you in your time of need!

If you have lost your spouse, please don’t wait.
Be kind to yourself. Let us help you carry your heavy load.
Please phone H.O.P.E. at (856) 234-2200 or (888) 920-2201, or email